Great Beast has awoken!

Posted on Apr 17, 2012 in News

Welcome to Great Beast, home of the UK’s best independent comics and creators!

Great Beast aims to provide the most fun and creative stories to as wide an audience as possible. All of our titles will be creator owned and professionally self published; these are comics brimming with passion.

We launch with the work of two creators who bring their successful self published and award nominated comics to Great Beast; Marc Ellerby‘s Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter series, and the vampire slacker series Blood Blokes by Adam Cadwell. Both creators will also be publishing long-awaited collections of their previous web-comic work, Ellerbisms and The Everyday, later in the year.

And, because we’re feeling lovely, here are the covers to the forthcoming books.

Ellerbisms – by Marc Ellerby (click to enlarge)

The Everyday – by Adam Cadwell (click to enlarge)

We believe that there should be a place for every genre of comic in the thriving British industry, and that we can offer the comic-buying public something new. So with that in mind…

  • We want to build a new audience of comic readers. We’ll make comics aimed at a wide range of ages, including children and teenagers.
  • We make comics that aren’t afraid to be funny and are proud to be cartoony. Our comics will be brimming with pop culture, but still retain their heart.
  • We don’t think ‘pop’ is a dirty word.
  • We will put as much thought into production values as any other publisher to make the best printed books possible.
  • AND we fully embrace digital distribution. We want you to read our comics in the format you want to read them.

We’ve never been as excited about making comics as we are right now, and that’s why we’ve decided to launch Great Beast. It’s a banner for like minded creators who want to get their work to every person who wants to read it, regardless of format or location. More creators will join the line-up throughout 2012, but for the time being check out the comics we have on offer and take a chance on something new. We think you’re going to love them.

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