The reviews are in!

Posted on Dec 30, 2012 in Reviews


It’s been just over a month since we published Marc Ellerby’s Ellerbisms collection and it’s a hit with critics and journalists alike. Here are some choice pull-quotes from the reviews so far…


“I mention this because Marc sends out special thanks in the back “to Jeffrey Brown, James Kochalka, Liz Prince and Craig Thompson who do this sort of thing better than me”. And certainly they did, when Marc first set out. But with publication of this ELLERBISMS collection, with its range and heart and its tenderness and his weaknesses – as well as his outright buffoonery – Marc has earned his seat right alongside them. I’d rack this right between James Kochalka and Jeffrey Brown and rank it their thoroughly affecting equal both in insight and entertainment value.”

Page 45, December 12th, 2012.


“Ellerbisms drags the reader through a series of emotional cruxes with minimal explanation or editorialising. And it’s this, I think, which gives Ellerbisms a lot of its rawness and power as a story and as a book.”

ConSequential, December 12th 2012.


“Ellerbisms is just a great read. It’s touching, often hilarious, expertly crafted (let’s not understate the quality of work involved in shaping a largely unconnected web strip into a coherent narrative) and contains a number of references to Weezer. How could we not love it to pieces?”

Alternate Cover – Best Comics of 2012 – December 22nd 2012


“Many autobio comics can feel disjointed and jagged in their day-to-day reportings, but Ellerbisms has a lovely flow and narrative arc that will make you laugh and tear up. “

Paste Magazine – Erika Moen’s Best Comics of 2012 – December 28th 2012.


“Hopefully it will find the audience it deserves, and give Ellerby a ticket to riches. But Ellerbisms is proof that he can do much more than just that.”

The New Statesman, December 29th 2012.

“Ellerby has made something very special in Ellerbisms, but in collecting it here, he has turned something special to something sublime.”

Forbidden Planet International – Richard Bruton’s Best Comics of 2012, December 29th 2012.


Thanks also to podcasts Comic News Insider and Alternate Cover for chatting about the book.
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