Danger has a new name. Derek.

Posted on Feb 1, 2013 in News

Dangeritis is the new collaborative web-comic from the impressive talents of Warwick Johnson-Cadwell and Robert Ball (going by the collective name of Cadballs) and stars Derek Danger, a pound-shop James Bond who has a habit of getting into high espionage (mis)adventures even when warming a microwave pasty at the local 24 hour petrol station. Half Steve McQueen, half Alan Partridge, Derek has already garnered a number of fan art tributes on the Dangeritis Tumblr where Cadballs post new pages every Monday and Friday as well as concept art and other fun stuff.

Great Beast is very proud to announce that the print and digital versions of ‘Dangeritis: The Misadventures of Derek Danger’ will be published under the Great Beast banner in Summer 2013.

We are very happy to welcome Warwick and Robert, both hugely talented and unique artists, to the Great Beast fold. Dangeritis is intended to be fun for as many people as possible, which fits with the Great Beast ethos perfectly.

“Our idea was to create a comic where you had a character and you put him in danger at the end of every page,” says Ball talking to the Walthamstow Guardian, “Then you pass it onto someone else, they rescue him and put him in danger again. I do a page, which I publish on Monday, and Warwick does a page on Friday.”

“We’re trying to appeal to all age groups, so there’s no swearing in it, instead more choice phrases such as ‘ruddy hell’ or ‘bum’ or ‘flippin’ Nora’. It’s full of euphemisms. And the violence is also silly and cartoon-like.”

You can read page 1 of Dangeritis below and read 4 more right now on the Dangeritis Tumblr. We’re as excited as anyone else to find out what danger lurks in store (literally) for Derek and also if Danger is his last name, what’s his middle name?

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