The Great Beast takes Manchester

Posted on Jul 15, 2013 in Appearances


This coming Saturday 20th July is the third MCM Comic Con to take place in the city of Manchester and Great Beast will be there with a new release fresh from the printers!

The show will mark the re-launch of the music comic tour-de-force Hitsville UK and you’ll be able to buy signed and sketched copies and prints direct from the artist John Riordan! Hitsville UK #1 will be on sale from the Great Beast store and select comic shops from Wednesday 24th July.

Hitsville UK #1 cover

Manchester’s favourite Vimto-swigging kissagram Adam Cadwell will be there selling his Manchester-based vampire comics Blood Blokes, issues 1-3 available AND he will also be doing sketches for a mere £5-£10!

And last and least Marc Ellerby is putting on his best skinny jeans and band t-shirt to come all the way from Darn Sarth to enjoy the Northern sunshine, do impressions of Adam and sell his best-selling book Ellerbisms as well as his acclaimed and beloved comic series Chloe Noonan: Monstah Huntah.

You’ll find us in the Comic Village section of the show, so please stop by, say hello to us all (don’t fret we’re very friendly) and we’ll sell you comics that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER (maybe)!

See you on Saturday!