5 new titles debuting at Thought Bubble

Posted on Nov 12, 2013 in New releases


Great Beast Comics is very proud to announce the release of 5 new titles this November, all debuting at the fantastic Thought Bubble Comic Convention 23rd – 24th November. Come and see us at tables 155-156 in the New Dock Hall (the big one) and pick up some stunning new comics.

Tall Tales and Outrageous Adventures: The Snow Queen and Other Stories is the first in a new series of fairytale adaptations by Isabel Greenberg. In this first issue Greenberg retells Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Snow Queen’ and ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’. Taking a playful, modern approach to these classic tales and illustrated in Greenberg’s charming, folk art inspired style Tall Tales… will delight readers old and young alike.


Dangeritis: A Fistful of Danger follows the misadventures of poundshop James Bond, Derek Danger who has a habit of getting into high espionage mishaps even when warming a microwave pasty at the local 24 hour petrol station. Created by Warwick Johnson-Cadwell and Robert Ball, they create each page in turn, ramping up the danger and suspense and leaving it up to the other to carry on the story.


Carry Me by Dan Berry is a beautiful, wordless, and incredibly affecting visual metaphor for love, fear, life and death. A man carries his infant daughter through an overgrown field where they are pursued relentlessly by a growling dog. Illustrated by Berry’s loose pen and lush colour washes, Carry Me is a sublime example of pure visual storytelling.

Carry Me panel

Hitsville UK #2 continues the pop art, surreal, musical soap opera following the adventures of the weirdos and wannabes of indy record label, Hitsville UK. What does drug-addled producer Greg Pastis have in store for the angel voiced grotesque Gwillum? Why are The Carrie Nation’s Revenge hunting bequiffed vampires? And will The Dreadnoughts escape the Nazi Frankenstein’s Monster? All this madness and more in the second issue of Hitsville UK by John Riordan and Dan Cox.


Show Me The Map To Your Heart & Other Stories is a collection of stories from John Cei Douglas ranging from nostalgic coming of age tales to long distance relationships, being stranded on a desert island, coping with mental health problems and the childlike wonder of exploring fantasy worlds. The title story, which features a fold out map, revolves around a folk tale romance and quest of self discovery.


All these titles will soon be able to pre-order from the Great Beast Store and will be available in print and digitally from Wednesday 4th December from the GB store, all good comic shops and the Sequential app with Comixology to follow.

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  1. Adam Snape
    November 12, 2013

    These look great! Isabel’s book sounds like an awesome idea, very charming and Dangeritis also sounds brill… though I did read it as Danger Tits at first glance.

    Looking forward to these!