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One of the most common problem now a days is finding parking car, especially if you do not know the area well. The problems usually are reduced in shopping malls that provide an immense area to place their car. In the latter case, and in many others, there begins another problem, find your car when you take it. Especially when the parking includes a series of “corridors” basically identical, to find their car could be almost impossible.

If you do not want to start thinking of having suffered a burglary , maybe it will be better to record the location of your car by JustPark Parking. This new application using the Google API allows you to manage the car parks to help us remember where the car was located.

JustPark Parking, allows you to either manually adjust the position (giving a simple tap on an icon) and to perform the operation automatically whenever descend to the machine. After registration, JustPark Parking will be able to guide you to the place where you left the car by the famous Google maps .

JustPark Parking allows you to save the location of your car as many times as you want so you always know where it’s parked. The app, using the innovative Google’s API, can handle your car parks in automatic, without there being any need to remember to manually save the position every time you go down from the car.In addition WSMC can be integrated with the Bluetooth of your car (if available) to get a location even more timely and accurate.Click Here: Impossible Lines Apps for Android
WSMC is the most new and convenient way to find your car without wasting time! N.B.: to use the auto detect car location you need “Wi-Fi & mobile network location” enabled in “Location access” device settings.

In addition, all daily parking will be grouped in a separate summary page.The developer has made ​​available two versions of its application: a free of advertising, and another that includes a payment without banner and with additional features.

In the variant that costs 1 euro, you can use a widget to the Home and the app will be able to integrate with the Bluetooth car. In addition, the full version also provides some useful notifications that will help you manage the car parks without access to the application.

If interested, you can try the free app JustPark Parking and then, if satisfied, go to the full version.

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