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Human beings are afraid of any threats to their health. So-called sinful foods are very much common in the world today and keeps on tempting us to consume them despite the fact that they can put our bodies to risk.

It is a good thing that people always find a way to burn calories and walk away the pounds from their body. Excess amount of calories, fats, and cholesterol in our body triggers the bad elements to destroy our system.

There are many ways to remove those annoying calories and lose weight – we just have to choose between the easy way and the hard way. However, these methods vary on their effects – and they also depend how our body will respond.


Burn more Calories through Swimming

Burn calories by swimming is one of these methods. This is considered as an effective physical and mental exercise. It doesn’t just burn calories, but it also helps in relaxing and refreshing one’s mind. Unlike any other exercises, to burn more calories by swimming requires less effort and stress because:

  • Regular swimming practice can improve your endurance.
  • Your muscle strength can also improve by swimming routine.
  • Swimming also helps you to maintain a healthy heart rate because it is a good cardio exercise.

Using all the muscles is the main reason why swimming is an ideal way of burning those calories away from our system. In addition, the weight of our body is very much supported by the water and thus minimizing the risk of having joint and muscle injuries. Therefore, swimming is one of the best workouts for people of any age, even old ones can enjoy the said benefits.

In general Swimming is an Activity that is easy to learn

If you cannot swim yet, there are plenty of swimming lessons in your community to help you out. Expect there will be step by step procedures and you don’t have to worry about getting intense from your early days of lessons. From the time being, you will notice the improvement in your muscles and endurance. Your body tone will be visible, and add the better stance, posture and flexibility. You will then notice the improvement of your shoulder and stomach muscles. You can also monitor your progress by recording your everyday performance.

How many calories are burned during exercise

The results in burning calories by swimming strokes vary because they have their own body areas that require more movement than the rest. The following data is based on the amount of burned calories every twenty yards of swimming per minute:

  • Backstroke – swimmers can burn from 3.5 to 4.3 calories
  • Breast stroke – up to 5.4 of calories can be burned
  • Front crawl – from 4.5 to 5.4 calories can be burned

Aside from the said strokes, you can always have your own swimming exercise if you think you are not yet ready to learn the proper swimming strokes like the following:

  • Take a deep plunge into the water and hold your breath for a while then go up to breathe out.
  • Assuming you are doing the front crawl stroke, hold on to the edge of the pool and start kicking in the water. Turn your head from side to side for you to breathe air.

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