Blood Blokes


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A 6 issue series about slacker vampires sharing a house in Manchester. For Vince an eternity with nothing to do sounds ideal until he actually gets it and finds living forever requires something to live for.

“You have never read a vampire comic remotely like this, but you really, really should.”
- Stephen L Holland, Page 45

“Blood Blokes is an unmissable milestone in the UK’s re-emergence as a world leader in comics.”
- P M Buchan, Starburst Magazine

“What Cadwell’s doing here is quite effortlessly enjoyable, and the confidence in his storytelling and artwork is just so impressive.”
- Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

ISSN 2049-4165 (Print), ISSN 2050-1145 (Digital)




Carry Me

Carry Me

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Carry Me by Dan Berry is a beautiful, wordless, and incredibly affecting visual metaphor for love, fear, life and death.

A man carries his infant daughter through an overgrown field where they are pursued relentlessly by a growling dog. Illustrated by Berry’s loose pen and lush colour washes, Carry Me is a sublime example of pure visual storytelling.

“It’s a silent fable so Dan has concentrated on his other strengths: successful sequential storytelling, form, colour and sense of space. The sense of panic-inducing claustrophobia is intense.” - Stephen Holland, Page 45

“Completely wordless, Carry Me by Dan Berry is a wonderful read, a sweet, sentimental comic, about love, about life, about death. It looks simply beautiful”
- Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

“Carry Me leads the reader to a learned & personal conclusion full of the memories of the people that got you there”
Virgil Bourbon – The Quartermelon

ISBN 9780957431874 (print) 9780957431874 (digital)


Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter

Chloe Noonan 1

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Set in the fictional British town of Ravensdale, our eponymous hero Chloe Noonan teams up with a government led squad of Monster Hunters to solve the ever growing monster problem. But Chloe doesn’t have any powers. She can’t beat up bad guys, she can’t run without getting a stitch. She’s  really not bothered about saving the world. Especially when she has to get the bus everywhere.

“One of my favourite titles, small press or other-wise”
- Comics Heroes

“Chloe Noonan represents the potential of independent comics in the UK better than anything else”
-P M Buchan, Starburst

“Simply one of the best comics I’ve read in the last few years, and you need to be reading it.”
-Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

ISSN 2049-6079 (Print)


Dangeritis: A Fistful of Danger


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Dangeritis follows the misadventures of poundshop James Bond, Derek Danger who has a habit of getting into high espionage mishaps even when warming a microwave pasty at the local 24 hour petrol station. Created by Warwick Johnson-Cadwell and Robert Ball, they create each page in turn, ramping up the danger and suspense and leaving it up to the other to carry on the story.

“The end result is actually something of a triumph, a magnificent thing, big and beautiful, stupid, playful, bright and brash.”
-Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

ISSN 2054-2186 (Print) 2054-2194 (Digital)







Ellerbisms: A Sporadic Diary Comic


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The story of a relationship told in pictures through the autobiographical comics of Marc Ellerby. Ellerbisms catches a glimpse into the life of a young couple, their highs and lows, their sighs and LOLs. Collecting more than 200 original strips plus an additional 30 pages of brand new material exclusive to this edition.

“One of the best autobiographical works I’ve ever read. Far more than just a “sporadic diary comic”… this is something describing in beautiful, heart-rending terms the beginning, middle, and sad end of an affair to remember for our times.” - Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

 Book of the month. A document of young love in the 21st century, this feels incredibly true and had me really rooting for the young protagonists. Funny, poignant and brave this is a real tour-de-force.” - The Crack

“Frequently laugh-out-loud funny.” – The New Statesman

“I’d rack this right between James Kochalka and Jeffrey Brown and rank it their thoroughly affecting equal both in insight and entertainment value.” - Page 45

Paperback with rounded corners. 268 pages.
Black and white interiors, full colour cover.
ISBN: 978-0957431805 (Print), 9780957431836 (Digital)


The Everyday


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Veering away from the straight autobiography of most journal comics, Cadwell’s The Everyday observes the fleeting moments of day to day life. Culminating in an honest and often hilarious portrait of modern life and all the little miracles and mysteries within.

This lavish hardback book collects all 200 comic strips from the acclaimed web-comic at the size they were drawn (A5). Also includes an introduction by the artist and a foreword by writer Matthew Sheret.

“Cadwell delivers with gentle honesty an observational tour de force, collecting those Everyday moments we’ll all recognise, every subject, every emotion; charming, delightful, intelligent, funny, whimsical, melancholic – everything is here and it’s all documented with a realism that can’t help but resonate.”
- Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

Hardback, 224 pages.
Black and white interiors, full colour cover.
ISBN: 978-0957431843 (Print), 978-0957431850 (Digital)


Hitsville UK

Hitsville UK #1 cover HitsvilleUK2-coverPurchase here

Hitsville UK is a pop art, surreal, musical soap opera following the weirdos and wannabes of an indy record company. Issue 1 introduces has-been, record label boss Gerry Corden and drug addled, maniac producer Greg Studio as they audition new acts for their new label. Cue an angel voiced grotesque, a mystery solving teen gang, a schoolboy DJ with a robot fascination, Nazi punk zombies and the rest. Each page is a rush of playful artwork shifting styles fast and loose to match each genre of music and the jokes come as quick and sharp as shurikens.

“A bloody great accumulation of inspired madness, musical insanity and general chaos… a pure, unadulterated hit of a comic”
– Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

“A perfect three minute chemical-infused rush of a comic”
– Comic Heroes magazine

“Hitsville is a hoot!” – David Hine

35 pages, full colour.
ISSN 2052-8620 (Print), ISSN 2052-8639 (Digital)


Tall Tales and Outrageous Adventures


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Tall Tales and Outrageous Adventures: The Snow Queen and Other Stories is the first in a new series of fairytale adaptations by Isabel Greenberg. In this first issue Greenberg retells Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Snow Queen’ and ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’.

Taking a playful, modern approach to these classic tales and illustrated in Greenberg’s charming, folk art inspired style Tall Tales… will delight readers old and young alike.

32 pages, full colour.
ISSN 2053-759X (Print), 2053-7603 (Digital)









Winter’s Knight

Winter's Knight: Day One

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Winter’s Knight is a wordless tale of an old Knight on a mysterious personal quest through an icy wilderness encountering nightmarish battles with the dark things in the forest and much, much worse. Sublimely depicted by Ball’s sharp and elegant shapes and his deft use of striking colour, each scene drips with emotion and atmosphere. This is feast of rich imagery which draws you in to this icy world and demands multiple readings.

“This is all about the narrative driven by the art, pacing delivered through the beautiful pictures. …A wonderful blanket of a world, icy cold, blood red, all utterly stunning.”
– Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International.

48 pages, full colour.