Rob BallRobert Ball

Robert Ball is a London based designer and illustrator who has worked for the likes of BBC, Sky, Sony, Wired Magazine, The National Gallery and the V&A. Winter’s Knight: Day One is his debut comic followed by Dangeritis, a collaboration with Warwick Johnson-Cadwell. Robert exists on a strict diet of white fish. Preferably battered with a ton of chips.

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dan 600x600 BW

Dan Berry

Dan Berry is a cartoonist, illustrator and lecturer. He is the author of The Suitcase from Blank Slate Books and he hosts the comics interview podcast Make It Then Tell Everybody.

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Adam Cadwell

Adam Cadwell is the creator of such comics as Blood Blokes, The Everyday and children’s comic The King of Things. He has also contributed to the Eisner-nominated graphic novel anthology Nelson, as well as Solipsistic Pop, Paper Science and the Image series Phonogram. He is known to enjoy Vimto and Lego minifigures who wear suits.

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WJCWarwick Johnson-Cadwell

Warwick Johnson Cadwell has been drawing stories as long as he can remember: through school, university and all the day jobs he has done (which does include professional illustration). His work has appeared in such anthologies as Nelson, Birdsong, New British Comics, Solipsistic Pop and West. He is currently working with Alan Martin on Solid State Tank Girl for Titan Comics, Hunch Parsons and Gungle for Blank Slate and Dangeritis: The Misadventures of Derek Danger with Robert Ball for Great Beast.

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Dan CoxDan Cox

Daniel Cox does words and stuff for popcomicjoybomb Hitsville UK. He also writes and draws kids horror comedy The Graveyard Cats and the sing-a-long comic for toddlers Wrong Songs. His earlier stuff has appeared in Underfire Comics, Zarjaz and True Romance Comix.




jcd_bw_icon-comix John Cei Douglas

John Cei Douglas is an illustrator from Leicester. Inspired by the early success of winning a drawing competition held on a ferry to Sweden with a picture of Batman, he resolved to translate this artistic talent in to a career. He is still waiting for that to happen, but he’s drawn a couple of comics in the meantime. He also enjoys drawing children’s stories and other things involving trees. His work has appeared in Solipsistic Pop, Paper Science, ink+PAPER, as well as all over his room.

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Marc Ellerby

Marc Ellerby has illustrated comics for companies such as Oni Press, Image Comics, Boom! Studios, SLG Publishing, Solipsistic Pop and We Are Words and Pictures. He has worked on titles recognised by the Harvey Awards and the Young Adult Library Services of America. He is probably best known as being the creator of the Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter series and the autobiographical comic Ellerbisms. He has a unhealthy obsession with The Muppets and disjointed indie rock sounds.

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Isabel Greenberg

Isabel Greenberg is an illustrator and comics creator based in London. She has worked for a variety of clients including Nobrow Press, The Guardian, The V&A and the National Trust. Her first full length graphic novel, The Encyclopedia of Early Earth, is published by Jonathan Cape. Her comic for Great Beast Tall Tales and Outrageous Adventures: The Snow Queen and Other Stories is her first work for all ages.

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John Riordan

John Riordan

John co-writes and draws the psychedelic, musical, soap opera, comic book Hitsville UK. He created the weekly comic strip William Blake, Taxi Driver for Time Out London from 2007 to 2009. He has also made comics for The Stool Pigeon and ink+PAPER and is working on Capital City, a graphic poem about the financial crisis, which is even more fun that it sounds.

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Rachael Smith

Rachael Smith began creating comics a few years ago, starting with weekly comic strip ‘Vicky Park’ for the Leicester Mercury (which still runs today). She also keeps an online diary comic One Good Thing. Her first two story comics The Way We Write and I Am Fire were both released to critical acclaim. Her third, House Party, published by Great Beast, is her first graphic novel.

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