After a sliiight delay we finally bring you the fourth issue of Adam Cadwell’s Northern slacker vampire comedy, Blood Blokes.

In this issue, Douglas teaches Vince how to hunt for blood from high above the drunken crowds of Oxford Road, while Tamara meets a very inquisitive gentleman among the goths and rockers in Jilly’s Rockworld.

With a back cover by Paul Duffield (The Firelight Isle) and back up illustrations by Warwick Johnson-Cadwell (Tank Girl), Andy Bloor and James Lawrence.

“I have to admit I was cautious at first, ehh punky vampires, I don’t know, but I really, really dug it.”
– Ross Campbell (Wet Moon, TMNT, Glory)

You can buy Blood Blokes #4 in print or digitally from the Great Beast Store or order the Four Issue Bundle for a neat £10.

BB Bundle artwork